Chuy's Red Snapper is the home of food and fun in Progreso.

Omar, a great musician, who knows all your favorite oldies 'n goodies.

A great bartender who also knows your favorite oldies 'n goodies.

Saul plays the music and Vero sings the songs.

Tony & Danny play lots of music that you'll know. The musicians play on a rotation by days so come often to catch your favorites.

The balcony that overlooks the main street is great when sun shines.

Lots of folks enjoy the view and the fresh air.

Garlic Shrimp


Fried catfish fillets

Fish fillets

Fried shrimp plate.

Panchos plate

Special Seafood plate

They do call it Red Snapper

Economy Mexican plate

Chatting with your friends....

...or dancing to the music on the big dance floor.

Chuy and his wife Elida. They've been married for seven years
and have two kids.

Waiters ready to take your order and make your meal memorable.


The waiters.Estaban, Alfedo, Samuel, Geronimo, Ernesto, Adan, Julio, Victor and Mike.