Upstairs to wonderful seafood at great prices!

Welcome to the new quarters of the Red Snapper, the best seafood restaurant in Nuevo Progreso. After seven years up the street the old restaurant was destroyed by the explosion in April of 2004. They quickly got to work and created an even nicer place in the 3rd block on the right.

Musical fun and games makes this a great place to spend an afternoon or evening. Tony and Daniel are the new guys. They are usually playing after 3:00 in the afternoon.


A couple of happy guys make lots of our customers happy.

Oscar Dorantes has played the digital organ/piano for several years and knows many of the regulars by name....and their favorite songs.


Good Music! Good Food! Great Prices!
What more could you want?


This place is really clean and nicely decorated. A happy group is waiting for their orders.

A bunch of big hat folks from Nebraska and Texas are shown having a good time in February 2010.

Another group enjoys St. Patrick's Day in March 2014.

Lots of food prepared to order. Here we see food being served up. Fresh, clean and sanitary is what it's all about.

When things get to hopping they need two bartenders and here they are.

Just look at the space and the clean and friendly environment!


There's a great picture of Pancho Villa and his gang on the wall that greets you into the restaurant.

The food is as good as it looks. Fresh fish from the Gulf of Mexico and icy cold Mexican beer and softdrinks to slake your thirst. Most of the food and supplies are brought over from the U.S. and Sam's Club and Sysco Restaurant Supply Company products are all that's used. No "turistas" or "Monteczuma's revenge" here.

Just roll your mouse over the different menu favorites below to see what they look like.

A big old squid guards the door. Look up as you leave.

Unsolicited comment received on 3/10/07

I have shopped and eaten in Progreso for years and just tried the Red Snapper. The food was great and the waiter, David, knew his stuff! It is the best seafood in this area, including the US side. You need to talk the owners of this site into putting in a comment page.

Linda Ebbert
La Feria, Texas

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Lots of experience with this group of waiters and barmen who welcome you to come back again and again.

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