Progreso Dentist Mexico
Right at the Bridge!

Dr. Cesar Cabrera, DDS

Mexico Dental and Personal Care by Experienced General Dentist.
English spoken

His patient's health is his priority... this is why a personal and caring service is part of his dental practice everyday.

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This is Dr. Cabrera's only office in Progreso.

In his daily practice he strives to provide the latest in dental treatments for his patient's comfort.



Dr. Cabrera welcomes you to his very convenient office location. This is Dr. Cabrera's only office in Nuevo Progreso.


new office

That's the front view of the office, which is on the South end of the plaza.

The entire treatment is or supervised by Dr. Cabrera personally. He is able to provide dental work with high quality standards. His dentistry education was obtained at UANL in Monterrey, under one of the most prestigious dental faculties in Mexico. Click here to see their campus.

Services Offered:      
Crowns – Porcelain fused to metal   Cleaning  
Crowns – Zirconium   Deep Cleaning  
Crowns - Porcelain metal-free   Rooting & Scaling  
Bridge - Porcelain fused to metal   Extractions  
Bridge - Zirconium   Periodontal Treatment (per quadrant)  
Full Set of Denture (acrylic)   Whitening in-office  
Full set of Dentures (resin)   Root Canal  
Flexible Partial Denture Valplast™   Post  
White Fillings   Implants  
    X-rays (included with treatment)  



Very modern and clean. Notice the water purification unit (Snap-30) to the side of the chair. This assures absolute hygiene in all services. All instruments are properly sterilized prior to use.

Free Estimates  
Satisfaction guaranteed. 3 months warranty.  
We will fill out your claim form for your insurance company.  
No refunds.  
Ask about volume discounts for more than 2 treatments per visit.  



Over 20 years of experience

Open 9AM to 4PM Monday through Saturday, Sunday with appointment.

Follow the Green Fence. Turn left at the first opening after the customs station and we're the first office on your right.

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