Dr. Castillo graduated with DDS from the University of Nayarit in 2000. His specialty is Orthodontics and he performs cosmetic and orthodontic (braces) dentistry, as well as general practice.

His grades for Orthodontics specialty (2004) were excellent.

His license to practise.

Dr. Ulyses Castillo Arias, DDS (Castillo means Castle in Spanish)


Oscar Duran is the translator & assistant


Josselline Gonzalez is Dental assistant

Some examples of his work....



Here we see three examples of his orthodonture work, showing two beautiful girls and a handsome young man before and after Dr. Castillo's artistry.

To the right we see three cosmetic cases.

His office is beautifully decorated and modern. It is a comfortable place to wait while your spouse or child is having work done.

Tasteful elegance might describe it best.


His equipment is modern and impeccably maintained.
Unit #1

Unit #2

Unit #3

His office is on the second floor of the building next to Angel's tower. This is in the second major block on the main street.

After passing the tortilla shop you'll see his sign and you must enter through the Elegance Boutique... a purse shop.

Go Through the purse shop.

Through the pedicure center....Toward the stairs. Don't's worth the trouble.



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Posted: 2/28/2012