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Our company was created May 2000. Since then our main objective has been to provide our patients with dental services at the most fair prices. Our personnel and equipment are 100% experienced and qualified. We want to offer you our new program where we offer you a free dental diagnostic with a written, firm amount. We consider this service fundamental in order to satisfy your necessities.

Our vision has always been to bring you the best service with the latest technology in dental science. We have an excellent location within three minutes of the international bridge, but what really distinguishes us is the good treatment and the complete satisfaction of our patients. We have our own dental laboratory that allows us to support our prices that are the most competitive on the odontologic market. We offer you a wide variety of options in order to give you the treatment that you need.




Héctor Julio Guzmån V. DDS
Specialization in Odontology

Dr. Guzmán graduated from UAT-Tampico in 2003 and obtained his Odontology specialization in 2005. He has been practising dentistry since 2005. He is experienced with dentures, bridges, and with crowns, both porcelain on metal and non-metalic. Much of his work can be classified as cosmetic and restorative.


Ericelda Cárdenas Cantero, DDS

Dra. Cárdenas graduated from UAT-Tampico in 2008. She has practiced dentistry in Progreso for one year. She is currently expecting a baby and will be away from the practice beginning in May.


DDS Diploma from UAT-Tampico

He is currently a member of the ADM, Mexico's national Dental Association.

Member of Progreso Dental Society.

Tamaulipas State Dental Society.

This shows he keeps his membership current.

Dr. Guzman and Dra. Cardenas are shown with their office staff.


Drs. Guzman and Cárdenas with one of their shiny new workstations.

High technology. Dr. Guzmán uses digital x-ray, which is much safer than the traditional system. Note (at right)that they also use computer for office administration.

The receptionist/dental staff workers are shown with computer behind the reception window.


Two beautiful new units.

Dr. Guzman outside beside sign promoting Zirconium® crowns that outlast the metal base version by a lifetime.

Mini-Implants to secure dentures.

Dr. Verastegui placed ten mini-implants in the upper and lower jaw of this patient who had inadequate gum structure to hold conventional dentures. Six implants above and four below.


Here are the new plates with sockets to match the implants. He had previously had several sets of plates, but none would stay securely in place.

Dr. Guzmán and Dr. Verastegui are shown with the patient (at right) and his brother. They came to Nuevo Progreso and stayed four days to have this procedure done. The entire cost was about one-third of what they had been quoted in the U.S.


The happy recipient of a beautiful set of teeth that fit securely in his mouth. Corn on the cob, here he comes!


More before and after examples of work done by Dr. Guzmán.

Another 20 crown project. Sorry, but no before picture was taken.

Whitest white for natural teeth after Zoom!® treatment.

For the whitest possible teeth, Eagle provides the patented Zoom!® procedure. This involves a special lamp that can lighten your teeth up to seven shades. Special price offered now at only $250! Compare prices and come save.


Eagle strives to provide the best dental and lab procedures. We've recently obtain the Zirkonium® system, which is German technology. This make it possible to produce bridges and crowns with In-Ceran Zirkonium®, a non-metallic system that makes teeth of extreme hardness and durability and metal-free. Patients have been asking for more natural looking crowns and especially for teeth that are metal-free and thus don't develop dark margins at the gum line. Previously, the only option available was "Empress 2A", which is limited in use only up to the bicuspid as a fixed crown or bridge. This system of Zirkonium® is the option to chose for fixed bridges, which include molar crowns, individual crowns and implant structures.

We have the most advanced equipment, total sterilized instruments, 100% purified water, and in house laboratory "all work on the same day" in order to offer you the most advanced technology and service.


Cool and comfortable waiting/reception area with HD television.

Here we see Dr. Guzman working with a patient. Note the cleanliness, hygiene protocol and technology.


Below are listed many of the services and specialties we provide.

  • Free evaluation and written estimate.
  • Whitening (bleaching) of teeth.
  • X-Ray.
  • Cleanings teeth.
  • Extractions.



  • Silver fillings.
  • Light cure filllings.
  • Root canals.
  • Post/pin.
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Bridges without metal.
  • Metal crowns.
  • Surgery.


  • Gold crown.
  • Permanent bridges.
  • Full denture.
  • Partial denture.
  • Flexi-denture.
  • Partial denture (metal frame).
  • Repair of bridgework


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