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Dr. Jorge Mustre is a 1986 graduate of UASLP, San Luis Potosi. His wife, Dra. Rocio Mendoza
is a general dentist, also graduated from UASLP in 1988.

Step through these doors and get a level of dental service unparalelled anywhere.

Located just half a block from the bridge on East side of street next to Jr. Boots.


The Doctors Mustre are celebrating 25 years in service in Nuevo Progreso.

Dr. Alex Ponce is a 2001 graduate of UASLP with a specialty in Endodontics. His wife, Dr. Martha Morales, is also an endodontist.

Dr. Torres' wife, Dra. Sonia Borjas, an orthodontist, also graduated from UANL-Monterrey in 1999. She works in the clinic 1 or 2 days weekly.

Dr. Andres Torres, is a general dentist from UANL- Monterrey in 1997. He has worked in the Progreso office since 2001.


Dr. Ricardo Muñoz, a 2004 graduate of UVB in Reynosa, is also a recent addition to the dental staff.

Dr. Israel Ramos Sanchez is a graduate of UASLP in 2006 and has worked here for 3 years.

Dr. Eduardo Fernandez Corrales, DDS, is a graduate of UASLP in San Luis Potosi.

Dr. Jorge Carranza, DDS, is a graduae of UANL in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Robert, Mabel and Nacho, the reception staff, all speak English and will treat you well.

Dr. Jorge and Dr. Rocio are proud parents of three growing kids. Their pictures are on the table behind them.

The area for professional services is large, clean, and beautifully decorated . There are 12 modern dental workstations.

The staff includes these six lovely women, most of whom speak some English. From left to right, they are: Liz, Mayra, Angie, Maritza, Jessie, and Chely.

"The dream team."

Robert, Edgar (the lab tech) and Nacho

Rigorous hygeine is practised by Reyna. All instruments are processed through the autoclave and all setups are packaged in sterile plastic for the next patient. Disposables are used whenever possible.

Recently arrived is a new 360º x-ray unit that can take one continuous x-ray of all of your teeth. .>>>>>>


Another view of the dental staff with office in background.

Lots of dentists and staff means you can get care with minimal wait times. Come and see!


Experience excellence in dental care. The dream team at Mustre Dental Clinic is here to provide the finest service anywhere.

The fastidious attention to detail you see in the office is the same your teeth and health will receive.

Whatever your dental needs, we can take care of it.

•••Fluent English is spoken.

•••We accept U.S. Dental Insurance if your plan pays in Mexico.

•••We accept checks from US residents.

•••No credit cards!

Excellence is affordable!



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