Located in 1st block on East side across from El Disco Supercenter & Kokopelli Jewelry.

The modern office is located in the first major block on the East (left) side about half way. Across from Kokopelli Jewelry & curios and El Disco Super Center.

Dr. René and Dra. Nadía have been married since 2008.

2 Brand new workstations with air drive equipment assures comfort while in treatment.

This unit even has HD-TV so you can watch tv or video while in treatment.

Dra. Nadía and Dr. René received their DDS degrees from UANL in Monterrey in, which is judged the best dental program in North Mexico in 2008.

Dr. René has certifications in Implantology and porcelain treatments.



There's a TV room on the upper floor for family to wait and enjoy television while patient is being treated.

Dr. Rogelio Ríos Ferrétz has his DDS from
UAT in Tampíco in 2005. He has five years experience in general dentistry in Progreso.

A cozy waiting area with TV for patients or their family.

Dr. René is shown working with a patient.

3 workstations on ground level, so three patients can be treated at once.

There are two brand new red work stations on the upper floor.

We feature the Zoom! whitening treatment that can whiten three shades in an hour!

All instruments go thru the latest in sterilization.

Dental Services
Porcelain Crowns
X-Rays $ 10.00 ea Anterior $ 200.00 ea
Cleaning $ 25.00 ea Zirconium® crowns $ 350.00 ea
Deep cleaning 
$ 60.00 ea Porcelain Bridge $ 600.00 ea
Fillings $ 40.00 ea Temporaries $ 30.00 ea
Extractions $ 35.00 ea Removable Bridge $ 375.00 ea
Wisdom teeth $ 80.00+ ea Valplast® $ 450.00 ea
    Partial Plates $ 250.00 ea
One Office Application
Full Plate
Zoom® w/chip Whitening $250.00 ea Acrylic w/Porcelain $ 450.00 ea
Root Canal $200.00 ea Acrylic $ 250.00 ea
Posts $100.00 ea Reline $ 60.00 ea

Dr. Rene is experienced in implantology. You can see an example of this state-of-the-art method for permanently replacing missing teeth. It can also used for dentures.

This is an example of resin to replace metal fillings. Look just like your normal tooth.

Examples of our work.

The office is located half way down the 1st major block

across from El Disco and Kokopelli Jewelry.




Please tell us what you need and when and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

US Phone: 210-399-5252
Mexican Phone: 011 52 (899) 272-4031 or 4032
e-mail: nopaindds@hotmail.com

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