Now serving Cabrito! That's charcoal broiled young goat. You have to try this!

See pictures of Progreso Ride In on April 11, 2008.

Nuevo Progreso's newest Motel is now open for business. Las Flores Inn is your best choice for a cool and comfortable evening when coming to Nuevo Progreso. It is located in the block just south of the Ford Primary school on the west side of the main street.

There are now 22 rooms available for rent with both double and single rooms and 2 honeymoon suites.

Rates are very reasonable. The standard rate per night for a single is $50.00 and for a double it's only $60.00.

Honeymoon suite is $100.00 per night.

Prices posted: February 13, 2009

Call us for reservations at: 1 (877) 233-7562 from U. S.
(Reservations only, please)
or (899) 937-0683 from Mexico.

A complete restaurant is available for freshly prepared Mexican meals prepared by real Mexican cooks. We use only bottled water and most of our supplies are from Sam's Club in McAllen.

New, shiny and bright. We keep our place clean enough to eat from the floors, but you don't have to. Dance music is available with many choices to suit most any taste.

This is the registration desk.

The bar is stocked with your favorite brands or liquors and beers from US and Mexico.

Tourist buses make the restaurant a "must do" stop. Here we see a group arriving.

Tourists enjoy the great table service and the food...all at very good prices.

All new in 2008 is our swimming pool. A kiddie pool on the shallow end.

One of three palapas where you can sit and enjoy the shade and share a meal or a few drinks from the bar.

This is the newest suite located in the building overlooking the swimming pool

The bath area with Jacuzzi in the newest suite.

The new suite is located in the yellow building which overlooks the pool.

The stairway leading up to the newest suite with the lounge area in the background

This mural is on the wall of the lounge area and extends over 30 feet. This is all I could get by stitching two images together.

Large rooms, some with two double beds.

King-sized beds, too. All rooms have TV.

A suite with a double bed, bath, and convertible couch has a large sitting room…

and a king-sized bedroom with its own TV and private bath.

See one of the two honeymoon suites. A hammock for lounging. A Jacuzzi tub and a king-sized bed. The suites are available for bachelor parties too.

The annual ride-ins of bikers focuses on the Las Flores and the street area just north of the motel.

Bikers can be kids again. Piñata breaking.

Reservations or Feedback

To request a reservation or give feedback, please write us an e-mail telling what type of room(s) you need and the day(s) when you need them. Please be sure to give us your name, address, phone number and e-mail so we can respond. This is our e-mail:




posted 10/12/05 updated: February 19, 2010