Dr. Carlos E. González Benítez, MD
Opthamologist & Surgeon
Specializing in Oculopasty, Orbit and Tearducts

Medical Specialties Center - El Centro de Especialidades Medico (see below)
Main Street - 2nd office - Next to Dufry Duty Free
(956) 501-1167 or 01152 (899) 937- 0260 or 937-0303
email: caregonz@yahoo.com.mx

Also in Rio Bravo -- Centro Medico "Dr. González"
Matamoros 102, Rio Bravo, Tamps.
01152 (899) 934-1900 or Cel. (044-899)936-7670

Dr. Carlos E. González, MD, was born in Rio Bravo, Tam. Mexico and reared in Monterrey, where he attended UANL from 1978 - 1984 for his MD degree, specializing in opthamology by a residency in Mexico City at UNAM, the premier medical school in Mexico. He also has a sub-specialty in Oculoplastic, Orbita and Lacrimal System.

He is a member of a number of major medical societies in Mexico, including:

  • Consejo Mexican de Oftalmologia
  • Sociedad Mexican de Oftalmologia
  • Centro Mexican de Oculoplastica, Orbita & Anexos
  • Asociacion Oftamologica de Reynosa (currently the President
  • In the United States:
    • International Society of Refractive Surgery
    • American Academy of Opthalmology




More of the styles available in his office.

Here we see Dr. González examining a patient's eyes. It is very important that the health condition of the eye be known as well as the prescription required to improve vision. Many older people experience problems with their cornea, retina, cataracts, glaucoma and with macular degeneration. Only a trained opthamologist can determine these conditions and perform adequate treatment.


A very professionally minded surgeon, Dr. González has recently become the President of the Opthamology Association of Reynosa. Here is a picture of him on the day he was installed in January of 2004.

Dr. González conducts LASIK procedure in the surgical clinic ni Matamoros. This machine is the Bausch & Lomb Tecnolas 217, and is the most modern in the area, even when including the US side of the border.

He has been performing LASIK procedures for over eight years and has had great success in improving the vision of his clients from both sides of the border.


Rio Bravo Office.