Getting there is a snap.  The major access which leads directly to the International Bridge is FM 1015 "The Borderland Express."  This crosses US Expressway 83 on the Eastern edge of Weslaco, Texas.  Take the turn south and proceed 5 miles until you come to the bridge. 

You can either drive across or you can park and walk.  There are two large paved parking lots located to the east (left) or west (right) side of the street.  Parking is $1.50 per day and your car should be safe.  Lock up and be sure any valuables are out of sight.

Walking is quite easy across the new Progreso International Bridge, which is the only bridge on the border anywhere that provides a broad covered walkway on both sides.  There are even benches where you can take a break and view the scenery and catch your breath.  The cost of crossing is a quarter each and you drop your money in the turnstile and head on through.  Don't worry, over a million people a year make this trek without problems.

A group of happy border crossers are shown walking four abreast under the protection of the cover.

Looking west we can see the plaque marking the US -Mexico border with a Border Patrol boat in the Rio Grande.

Driving is a bit pricier.  Currently, the charge is $2.00 going and about the same returning.  If you are taking a number of folks, it might work out to be a better option.  It will also give you a means to bring back some of the fine stuff you'll find in the many shops and stores in Nuevo Progreso.  Parking is available free on the street and parking attendents will assist you in and out.  There are also some free guarded lots available at restaurants who expect you to get your parking ticket punched in their restaurant or bar or pay a nominal fee.  There are also some lots on the side street to the West (right) where you can park for about $2.00.  See the map.  Another million or so cars make the trip each year, and with the new four-lane bridge, it's a snap.

If you choose to drive you should be aware that you are crossing into another country.  The streets are very busy and crowded, especially on the weekends, so be careful.  It is advisable to have Mexican auto insurance, as American issued policies are not recognized in Mexico.  This insurance is available from insurance companies on the U.S. side, and is absolutely essential if you intend to go into the interior of Mexico.  Having a wreck without Mexican coverage will assure you a visit to the local jail, even if you have full coverage on your car.  You probably will be okay in Progreso and there are very few accidents there.  Those that occur are usually taken care of by your insurance, but it's a hassle.