A bunch of kids of Harvest Time Youth Ministries from Holt Summit, Missouri are shown watching Vicente, our favorite spray paint artist on June 14, 2012.

He paints with spray paints and uses all sorts of scraps of paper and plastic bags to serve as "Mexican paint brushes." You can see the kids were entertained by his performance. Posted 6/14/12




There's a new kiosk at the Rincon de Mexico plaza.

A bunch of folks enjoying the sun and a few drinks beside the new kiosk. February 2010.



Jose Maria Martinez is manager of the Inovas telephone store located in the fourth block. He served in Viet Nam as a Marine and speaks excellent English. A good man to call on if you have a problem.



Purple People. These three sisters from Iowa were found having lunch at Angel's restaurant. I noticed they were wearing identical t-shirts with different colored bandanas and asked if they were some sort of club. They said they were just visiting their folks, retired farmers from Joice, Iowa, who spend their winters in the Valley at Alamo. The three are Jane and Mary (sitting) and Molly. They certainly did know how to smile for the camera and showed evidence of enjoying their luncheon drinks.


This group of lovely women from various parts of the midwest were celebrating their friend's (in light red on left) good news about cancer being cured. They were in the Red Snapper restaurant on 2/11/09 during the rush hour and were all wearing flowers around their heads. The lady to her left was encountered by me at Angel's Restaurant a couple of year's back. She's the lovely woman in purple in the picture above this one. I didn't recognize her but she knew me. Small world, huh?


Orange People, too. These eight teenagers came to the border to work on a church ministry. They helped build a new Sunday school building for a little church in the town of New Hope (Esperanza Nueva). They come from Russellville, Arkansas along with their Youth Minister and a couple of chaperones, making up a party of 21 people. Posted: March 28, 2007


I encountered these two Winter Texan ladies walking toward the border. BJ from Michigan has been coming to South Texas since '96 and Roberta from Minnesota has been coming since '95. They had just returned from a few afternoon libations at Galeria and were very talkative.


I saw these folks in front of Angel's Tower and she was wearing a bright orange tee-shirt advertising Club G-itmo. Wonder where that might be?


I met these folks taking each other's pictures on the bench in front of the Piñatas mural in the Progreso Market. They're all from Michigan, as you can see from the guys' shirts.


A group of folks from Iowa are shown taking a break with a cold Margarita on the street on March 1. Progreso is the only town on the border that will permit folks to drink on the street...you just have to remain under control. Wonder why all the groups you see are from Iowa or Michigan?


I met this guy from Arkansas in a Dental office and the next time I saw him he was getting a pedicure.


Jim and Jane Booth, a couple from Ohio, are shown taking in some of the free gifts and food that merchants give away each year on Winter Texan Appreciation Day, which falls on March 21.


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