Mr. Boots and Jr. Boots are like father and son. They both sell the finest in boots and belts. Located in the first full block, they are on opposite sides of the street.

Boots are available in five brands, all made in Mexico. Shown above are Aguila boots. We also stock Matador, Felini, Coyote, and Caborca. All skins are legal for export to the U.S. These include Ostrich, Alligator, Cowhide, Python, Armadillo, and Lizard.

Our stores are a beauty to behold. The focus is on our primary

Black dyed alligator

Cowhide and Lizard

Cowhide and Ostrich

White dyed alligator.

Low-quarter casual boots with composition soles.

Kids' boots, too. Prices in the low to mid $30 range. Work boots, grease resistant boots, and a whole lot more.