The best prices in Nuevo Progreso on food, curios, drugs…whatever.

3rd block on the right past Angel tower.
A fantastic place to shop for all the major things folks come to Nuevo Progreso to buy.
Uncle Sam has a fantastic collection of all those things you come to Mexico to buy. It will dazzle you with the huge selection, all displayed in the beautiful newly decorated store. Take some time to look around.


Colorful decorations for the home. Ceramic vegetables paper flowers. Marvelous vases and mirrors, too.


Onyx is a Mexican specialty. Look at these lovely candlesticks, napkin holders, and statues.

Pewter crosses make a beautiful accessory that tells the world of your faith. Wait until you see the prices!

Picture frames, ash trays, serving trays and bowls…all made of beautiful pewter at low, low prices.

Look at those beautiful modern ceramic dolls to the right. They come all the way from Tonala in the state of Jalisco.>>>>