The best prices in Nuevo Progreso on food, curios, drugs…whatever.

3rd block on the right past Angel tower.
A fantastic place to shop for all the major things folks come to Nuevo Progreso to buy.


Step right in and talk with one of our liquor experts. They'll help you make the right choices

Gusano Rojo (Red Worm) is a Mexican treat. It's Mescal…not Tequila.

Bacardi rums, red or clear, perfect for Mexican specialty drinks.

Tequila. Mexico's original drink. Made with blue agave. It's become a major drink for the world.

All kinds of liquers. Great for after a meal or for a dessert anytime.

Lots of minatures, too. Samples for gifts for the folks back home.

Kalua...that fantastic coffee liquer. A shot of vodka and and a shot of Kalua over ice and you have a Black Russian. Drink two and you think you're a Black Russian.

Fancy bottles with fancy flavors.