The best prices in Nuevo Progreso on food, curios, drugs…whatever.

3rd block on the right past Angel tower.

A fantastic place to shop for all the major things folks come to Nuevo Progreso to buy.

Wall Decor

Warm tones and beautiful designs. Add a few real or paper flowers and you'll have a really striking decorative piece.

Fantastic! The picture says it all. Striking…and really low priced.


A touch of real class in these beautiful decorative pots. So many to choose from!

Talavera, the beautifully decorated specialty ceramics of Mexico.

Talavera. Blue decorated china serving pieces and decorative bowls.

Red clay serving pieces. Want to make that Mexican meal more authentic?

Bet ya didn't know frogs came in these colors…or sizes.

Lizards and snakes, too.  Must be something in the water.

These stained glass decors look fantastic when hung in a window that catches the sunlight.


Hang one of these red clay glazed pots on the wall and put a real or paper flower in it fr brightening up you sunroom.

Even more butterflies in colors Mother Nature didn't know about.

Crosses!  Thousands of them in decorated wood… or ceramic artistry.