The best prices in Nuevo Progreso on food, curios, drugs…whatever.

3rd block on the right past Angel tower.

A fantastic place to shop for all the major things folks come to Nuevo Progreso to buy.

We have all of the major drugs shoppers are looking for. Notice the cleanliness.

Bring your prescription or medicine bottles and let us look it up on our computer. Competitive prices because we have lots of other things to share the cost of operating a store.


Just like in the U.S.  We also have hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners and hair colorings.  Lotions and makeup, too.

We also have vitamins and food supplements for health maintenance and to prevent illness.

Cookies, crackers. Marias, that Mexican favorite..

We also have a complete assortment of toothcare, mouthwashes, lotions, and eyedrops.

Mexican candies in bulk.


Chicles? A lot cheaper than the vendors in the street. Where do you think they buy their supplies?

Mexico has some great coffee that is grown in the highlands. Whole bean or ground and roasted just right. Decaf, too. It comes in kilo or half-kilo bags. Prices way below U.S.! Why not order some from Jody's Go-Fer Service?

Coffee, mayonnaise, soup bases, canned goods galore.

Some like it hot! Hey, it's Mexico.