Vicente works just inside the border in the hallway of Plaza Rio. He keeps lots of stuff for folks to see and performs for crowds. He works in spray can paints and uses cardboard and plastic bags as his paint brushes.

A couple of Winter Texans brought a satellite dish for him to decorate.

A selection of bottles, spoons, vases, and buckets that he decorates and sells inexpensively.

Here Vicente shows some of the posterboard art that he has created. If you don't see something you like, you can describe it and he'll create it right there.


This is a canvas that he did. Looks more like Switzerland than Mexico.


More decorated articles.

Snowy mountain lake scenes that he's never seen.

Another snowy view.

He works with aerosol paints and uses the mask to protect his lungs. Don't worry, there's usually enough of a breeze in the hallway to protect your lungs.

Folks bring their old tools for painting after they're (the tools) retired.

Folks bring him things to decorate. This is first steep on a satellite dish.

Beginning to take some shape as he adds more colors and shapes.

Here you see him using his Wal-Mart bag brush to make trees.

There's the finished work. Took about 15 minutes.

April 3, 2010