Alfonso Guarneros is a spray paint artist who has operated on the street for over six years, beginning in 2006. He likes to paint outdoors because of the light and because there's no rent, which means he can pass on the savings to his customers. His normal operating area is in the third block on the right side going down. Stop and check out his work.


Street painting is what he calls it, because he's standing in a parking space and his set-up is on the sidewalk.

No sun today, so no sombrero. Alfonso works in every kind of weather except rain.

A painting of major mountains down in Mexico.

Painting handsaws is a current specialty. This was the same saw, flipped over.

The Devil's Tower on a folding table.

A painting of a horse and cowboy. About 4' x 3.2'.

A young Mexican native girl with her lamb.

A wheelcover for your pickup or travel trailer.

Another wheelcover - picture taken at home and sent back.

A beautiful scene pained on a vase.

Another wheel cover.

Handsaws and spoons you'll really appreciate.


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