The best place to cross into Mexico from South Texas.  Nuevo Progreso has become the crossing point of choice for tourists and locals who come back again and again

There’s a new bridge with wide, covered pedestrian walkways both going and coming.

Even better, when you get across that bridge you’re right in the heart of the busiest, happiest, and most fun shopping place anywhere on the entire border.

Despite the recent drug-related violence in much of North Mexico, there has been no US citizen involvement in Nuevo Progreso! One incident occured in December of 2009 between Mexican military and some drug-gangsters.

No US citizen was involved and no one has been criminally endangered in any way over the past nine years that this website has been online!

Nuevo Progreso is the safest place to cross on the US-Mexico border.

Great weather during most of winter makes it a must do for the 130,000+ Winter Texans who visit each year.  There’s shopping for all kinds of things: boots, booze, furniture, curios, cheap cigarettes, leather, pottery, clothes, and whatever your heart desires and you simply must have.

Drug stores offer pharmaceuticals at great prices. Many dentists offer their expertise for keeping the teeth and dentures in great shape.

Bite into a steak or seafood or fantastic Mexican food prepared by real Mexicans in fine restaurants.  Enjoy music and ballet folkloric dance while you eat and dance.  Hear street musicians entertain.

Get your shoes shined, hair cut, and sun film on your windows.  Stroll the streets while you sip an icy margarita or Corona for prices you won’t believe.

Come and let the friendliest folks on the border show you a good time! ¡ Bienvenidos a Nuevo Progreso, mis amigos!.