How Much Do Nurses Make In Mexico? (Perfect answer)

Salary of a Nurse in Mexico City and the surrounding areas

Job Title Location Salary
Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez Nurse salaries – 1 salaries reported Mexico City, Mexico Area MX$19,602/mo
Centro Médico Marfyl Nurse salaries – 1 salaries reported Mexico City, Mexico Area MX$6,905/mo

• There are 18 of them.

  • A Nurse in Mexico normally gets roughly 25,600 MXN per month, which is a good wage for the job. Salary ranges from 13,100 MXN (the lowest) to 39,400 MXN (the highest) (highest). This is the average monthly pay, which includes housing, transportation, and other benefits.

Can a US Registered Nurse work in Mexico?

It is quite improbable that the Mexican government will grant you permission to work as a nurse in the country. If you have a speciality that is difficult to fill, your chances of acceptance rise. Perhaps you might submit a letter of inquiry to the American British Cowdray Facility and Medical Center in Mexico City (which is a multilingual hospital) and see what they have to say about it.

How much does a Mexican nurse make?

The most often cited advantages. In Mexico, Maine, the average hourly wage for a registered nurse is $44.61, with an additional $11,875 in overtime pay each year.

Do nurses make good money in Mexico?

In Mexico, the average compensation for a Registered Nurse is MXN 302,567 per year, or MXN 145 per hour on average. The typical income for a Registered Nurse is between MXN 215,412 and MXN 376,122 per year, on average. A Bachelor’s Degree is often the highest degree of education required to become a Registered Nurse in the United States.

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How much do nurses make in Cancun Mexico?

$361,649 (MXN) per year

Which country pays most for nurses?

Luxembourg has been awarded $91,000. (USD) This little country in Western Europe, which is now ranked first on the list of the highest-paid countries in the world for nurses, provides excellent compensation to its nurses. Because of the small size of the country and the country’s tax haven rules, finding work as a nurse in the country can be incredibly difficult.

What is good salary in Mexico?

Mexicans earn an average of 32,600 MXN per month (USD 1,660 a month). The median salary is the income that falls in the center of a range of wages. According to this, one-half of the working population earns more than the median wage (USD 1,660), while the other half earns less than the median wage.

Do nurses make a lot in Mexico?

Wages for all employment in Mexico are around one-tenth or less than the wages for the comparable job in the United States. A registered nurse in Mexico earns an average of $400 to $600 a month, depending on the region. Perhaps highly educated, specialized care nurses in a posh private hospital earn a little more, but it is still a pittance compared to what they earn in the United States.

How much do Tijuana nurses make?

$326,830 (MXN) per year

Are nurses needed in Mexico?

Mexico need an additional 255,000 nurses in order to comply with health regulations.

How much do Tijuana doctors make?

Annual salary: $936,727 (MXN).

How much do nurses make in Guadalajara?

$323,777 (MXN) per year

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How long does it take to become a nurse in Mexico?

Approximately four years are required to complete the Bachelor degree program, which ends in the National Nursing Exam, which must be passed in order to be able to practice nursing professionally in Mexico.

What are the requirements to be a nurse in Mexico?

Entrance into a nursing education program is contingent on meeting certain educational requirements. Students in Mexico can participate in vocational nursing programs that need just nine years of formal training, but students in the United States and Canada must complete a minimum of 12 years of formal study.

How much do nurses make in Playa del Carmen?

$294,637 (MXN) per year

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