Where Is Tulum In Mexico? (Correct answer)

Is it possible to travel to Tulum right now?

  • The archaeological site of Tulum is currently closed. In reality, all of the locations are closed. Two tour providers stated only a few days ago that they do not anticipate any sites to operate until September. I’m always looking for new information. San Diego is a city in California. 3. Tulum Ruins are now accessible. Thank you very much.

Which part of Mexico is Tulum in?

What is the location of Tulum? Tulum is a Mexican city located on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula in Quintana Roo, on the border with Guatemala. This Caribbean Sea hamlet, which is also known as Tulum Pueblo, and the surrounding Tulum Mayan Ruins are located in the center of the Riviera Maya, near the Caribbean Sea.

Is Cancun and Tulum the same?

Tulum and Cancun are two of the most important (and most popular) destinations to consider while planning your next Mexican vacation. Both are in close proximity to Playa del Carmen as well as the numerous captivating ruins that can be seen across this culturally rich country of Mexico.

What is the closest city to Tulum Mexico?

Approximately 81 miles [131 kilometers] south of Cancun is the town of Tulum. Arriving at the airport:

  • Taking the ADO (or another bus line) to Playa del Carmen, then transferring to the Tulum bus or Colectivo (marked shuttle van)
  • Taking a taxi or car from the airport to the hotel in Tulum. Airport transportation services are available for booking online at the link below.
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Is Tulum Mexico a safe place to visit?

It is fairly safe to travel to Tulum, according to the OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council), but tourists should exercise heightened vigilance in the region, the council says. Their alerts cover a wide range of topics, including cartel activities, Covid-19, poisoned water, and natural calamities, among others. 7

Why is Tulum so popular?

It is fairly safe to travel to Tulum, according to the OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council), although tourists should proceed with caution in the region. Cartel involvement, Covid-19, polluted water, and natural catastrophes are among the issues that they have raised as issues for their advice. 7

Is Tulum more expensive than Cancun?

In general, Cancun is less expensive than Tulum. However, even though Tulum is one of the most costly regions in Mexico, it is feasible to visit both locations on a tight budget. If you stay in Mexico for an extended period of time, you will be able to get some excellent deals on accommodations.

Which has better beaches Cancun or Tulum?

To summarize, both Cancun and Tulum have beautiful white sand beaches and clear blue ocean to offer visitors. Cancun, on the other hand, has unquestionably the bluest water on the whole Riviera Maya, and as a result, the hotel zone in Cancun boasts the best beaches for swimming in wonderfully blue water.

How long is the ride from Cancun to Tulum?

The travel from Cancun to Tulum takes just under two hours and is made possible by a single highway: Mexico Highway 307, which serves as the primary tourist corridor connecting Cancun with the capital city of Chetumal, which is located on the border with Belize, and the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula.

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Where do you fly into to go to Tulum, Mexico?

Cancun International Airport is the nearest airport to Tulum and serves the surrounding area. There are 120 kilometers between the airport and Tulum, which is roughly a 1.5-hour drive away. We can arrange for you to have a private driver service for your convenience, whether it is for a one-way or return journey.

How long is ferry ride from Cozumel to Tulum?

What is the duration of the boat ride from Cozumel to Tulum? The journey takes around 45 minutes from the time you board to the time you disembark, while the actual moving duration is closer to 30 minutes.

Is Tulum Mexico Safe 2021?

In Tulum, visitors are safe, and serious crime is rare and infrequent, especially when compared to the rest of Mexico. However, when violent crime does occur in this area, it is almost always tied to narcotics. Try to find a place to stay in Tulum town or one of the beachside resorts.

Do you need a passport to go to Tulum?

You might be wondering, though, if you need a passport to travel to Tulum. The answer is yes. The short answer is that you will want a valid passport in order to go to Tulum from the United States of America. When traveling to Mexico by plane or other method of transportation, citizens of the United States are needed to have a passport.

What is the best time of year to go to Tulum?

The months of November and December are the most pleasant months to visit Tulum. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of post-hurricane season winds, while still paying fair hotel rates.

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