What Does Guey Mean In Mexico? (Solution)

You can hear someone calling someone else “guey” in Mexico City, which is a term that meaning “ox” or “slow-witted.” It can be heard anywhere in the city. The word, which is also spelt buey, was originally intended to be an insult, but it has evolved through time to become Mexico’s equivalent of the words “dude” and “bro.”
What exactly does the word ‘güey’ signify in Mexican slang?

  • ‘Güey’ or ‘wey’ is a fairly prevalent slang term in Mexico that literally translates as ‘guy.’ However, depending on the context and the speaker’s aim, the meaning of the phrase may change. Therefore, additional prevalent definitions of the word “güey” include “guy,” “stupid,” and “silly.”

Can you call a girl Guey?

It can be used by both men and women, however women would more usually use another slang phrase to refer to another unidentified female person, such as “chava” (young woman) or “vieja” (old woman) to refer to another nameless female person (old lady).

Is Guey a curse word?

No, it is not a derogatory term. ‘Guey’ is a term that is often used in colloquial magician Spanish to refer to any anyone without mentioning their name directly. Guey, which literally translates as “ox” or “steer” in Spanish, is a kind of animal.

What does Guay mean in Mexico?

Mexican slang meaning “dumbass” or “idiot,” however it may also be used more as a slang term for “guy” or “dude.” Güey is pronounced “whey,” and it is pronounced “whey.”

What does Orale güey mean?

Güey, orale, güey – You’re absolutely right, guy. Someone says, “My boss is a complete moron.” Orale, güey (in a sympathetic tone) – I understand what you’re going through, guy.

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What is an Edgar slang?

1 Australian slang phrase ‘He hurried out to the lavatory in search of an Edgar Britt’ ‘I almost had a ‘Edgar Britt’ in me shorts when you leaped out like that.

What does no Mames wey?

When no mames is used in conjunction with other words, such as no mames güey (no mah-mess-goo-ee) or no mames wey (no mams way), the phrase is translated as “No way, dude!” Wey and güey are both Spanish slang phrases that may be translated as “dude” or “guy,” while wey can also be used to refer to a “idiot.”

What are Mexican slang words?

Only the locals are aware of these 11 Mexican slang terms.

  • Pendejo. One of the most commonly used slang terms in Mexico is to refer to someone as a ‘pendejo.’
  • Güey. In Mexican Spanish, the word Güey, which is sometimes spelt in the same manner it is spoken as ‘wey,’ literally translates as “mate,” and it is used all of the time.
  • Chido & Padre.
  • Cabrón.
  • Boca Onda.
  • La Neta.
  • Crudo.

What does ya wey mean in Spanish?

1) It is not “ya way,” but rather “ya wey,” or more specifically “ya güey.” A slangish Mexican Spanish term that can be translated as “Stop it right now, guy!” is used in this context.

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