What Is The Minimum Wage In New Mexico 2020? (Solution)

Minimum Wage Rates for 2020

Minimum Wage of January 2019 Wage as of January 2020
$8.95 $9.35
With Health Care $8.20 $8.35
Tipped Employee (60% of minimum in 2020) $5.50 $5.60

What is the state’s minimum wage in the state of New Mexico?

  • Effective January 1, 2021: $10.50 per hour
  • $2.55 per hour for tipped employees
  • Effective January 1, 2022: $11.50 per hour
  • $2.80 per hour for tipped employees
  • Effective January 1, 2023: $13.00 per hour
  • $3.00 per hour for tipped employees
  • Effective January 1, 2024: $15.00 per hour

What is New Mexico’s minimum wage 2021?

The statewide minimum wage will raise to $11.50 per hour on Saturday, representing a $1 increase over the current rate of $10.50. At the beginning of 2021, the minimum wage in Santa Fe was $12.10 per hour, while the statewide minimum wage was $9 – a $3.10 discrepancy. As of the first of January, the disparity will be reduced to 82 cents.

What is the minimum wage in Albuquerque New Mexico 2021?

The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions is notifying companies and employees that the minimum wage will increase from $10.50 per hour to $11.50 per hour on Saturday, January 1, 2022, with effect from Saturday, January 1, 2022.

Is minimum wage going up in 2021 AZ?

At 12:09 a.m. on December 30, 2021, Following the passage of a legislation by the state’s voters in 2016, the state’s minimum wage will rise from $12.15 an hour to $12.80 an hour on Jan. 1. The law steadily raises the lowest rate that firms are permitted to pay their employees.

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What states are going to $15 minimum wage in 2020?

Where have all the $15 minimum salaries gone? With the exception of California and New York, nine states — Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Virginia – are on track to achieve a $15 per hour wage base during the next four years.

What is New Mexico’s minimum wage 2022?

Since January 1, 2022, the state minimum wage has increased to $11.50 per hour (from $10.50 per hour before to that date). This increases the cost of doing business in New Mexico for the vast majority of firms.

What is the minimum wage in Rio Rancho New Mexico?

New Mexico’s state minimum wage is $11.50 per hour, which is higher than the national average. Compared to the federal minimum wage of $7.25, this is a higher rate of pay. You are eligible to receive the greater state minimum wage, which is now $7.25 per hour.

What states have a $15 an hour minimum wage?

Is there a state where the minimum wage is $15?

  • Minimum Wage Management Simplified.
  • Early 2022 State Minimum Wage Rates.
  • California. Minimum Wage Management Simplified. California, which has long been a leader in labor legislation in the United States, has been the first state to achieve the $15 barrier. Other states to do so include Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, and Maryland.

What country has the highest minimum wage?

Luxembourg. Luxembourg is a tiny, landlocked nation in Western Europe that shares borders with Belgium, Germany, and France. Despite having a population of less than one million people, it boasts the highest minimum wage in the world. In 2020, that number was $13.79, but it has now risen to $13.79.

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