Where Is Costa Maya Mexico?

What is the location of the cruise port in Costa Maya, Mexico?

  • Beaches and day permits to beach clubs are available. If you’re wondering what to do in Costa Maya, start with the stunning beaches south of the harbor, which are natural top attractions for cruise passengers. Activities that are exciting, exhilarating, and entertaining
  • Visits to historical sites and cultural tours.

What city is Costa Maya?

Costa Maya is a tiny tourism zone in the municipality of Othón P. Blanco in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, which is the only state that is bordered to the east by the Caribbean Sea. It is located in the municipality of Othón P. Blanco. This municipality is adjacent to Chetumal (the state capital), and it shares a border with the country of Belize.

What is Costa Maya Mexico known for?

Costa Maya is a tiny cruise port on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, close to the border with Belize. In the Caribbean, it is located around 130 miles south of Cozumel and is renowned for having the biggest Mayan ruins in the world as well as small fishing communities.

Is Costa Maya near Cozumel?

Located just 130 miles from the renowned cruise destination of Cozumel, Costa Maya is a gorgeous port that is often overlooked in favor of Cancun and other more well-known destinations.

What is the closest airport to Costa Maya?

The nearest airport to Costa Maya is San Pedro (SPR) International Airport, which is 11.9 kilometers away (see map below). Other nearby airports are Caye Caulker (CUK), which is 33.1 kilometers away, Belize City Municipal (TZA), which is 62.7 kilometers away, and Dangriga (DGA), which is 66 kilometers away (119.3 km).

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Is Costa Maya a private island?

This port, which is located 100 miles south of Playa del Carmen on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, offers the beauty and feel of a private island due to its natural setting.

Who owns Costa Maya?

People who work at the Port of Costa Maya have stated that the port’s founder, Isaac Hamui, had planned to establish hotels in the area and had been researching the area when he noticed the lights of cruise ships sailing in the distance. He came to the conclusion that the area lacked a cruise port.

Do you need a passport to go to Costa Maya?

In general, cruise passengers are permitted to access Mexican seaside communities for brief periods of time without the need for a passport. In addition, if you are returning to the United States from a closed-loop cruise to Mexico, you will not be required to show your passport.

Can you walk to the beach from Costa Maya cruise port?

The distance between the two locations is around 4 to 5 kilometers (a couple of miles in your language). After departing from the harbor, you will stroll past the residential neighborhood of Las Casitas before continuing on along the highway until you reach the lighthouse, where the Malecon officially begins.

What is the population of Costa Maya Mexico?

Demographics. The Costa Maya has a population of less than 920 people in the village of Nuevo Mahahual. Mexico has a population of 123,166,749 people (July 2016 est.)

Is Costa Maya same as Riviera Maya?

The Riviera Maya is a stretch of shoreline along the Caribbean coast of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The Costa Maya is located south of the Riviera Maya and is an even more remote and beautiful location than the Riviera Maya. Contrary to popular belief, the Mayan Riviera is not to be confused with the Mexican Riviera, which refers to Mexico’s Pacific coastline.

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Is Costa Maya a tender port?

Costa Maya is one of the most popular ports of call for cruise ships in the Western Caribbean, and it is located in the country of Mexico. This port is extremely advantageous for wheelchair users because all cruise ships dock here, therefore there is no need for tenders to transport passengers. A short walk or a short roll will take you to this settlement, which is located at the end of the cruise pier and at the end of the docking area.

What is the best beach in Costa Maya?

Whether you’re looking for snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities or beach clubs and natural experiences, these are some of the top Costa Maya beaches to explore on your Mexico holiday.

  • Mahahual Beach is located in the state of Hawaii. At first sight, Mahahual Beach may appear to be simply another lovely tropical beach, similar to other popular destinations such as Uvero Beach, Bacalar Lagoon, and Xcalak Beach.

Can you walk around Costa Maya?

You may spend hours strolling along this peaceful promenade. There are also some charming tiny boutiques. Spend the day at the beach – there are various beach clubs along this stretch of promenade where you may spend the day relaxing.

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