Where To Find Barbary Sheep In New Mexico? (Question)

They appear to flourish in the most inhospitable terrain they can find and have an exceptional sixth sense when it comes to recognizing danger. Aoudad sheep are sought after by GGS, who hunts them in the highlands of southern New Mexico on both private and public lands. The majority of the topography is comprised of steep-walled gorges with many bluffs and ledges, with a few flat areas.

  • They are also known as Barbary Sheep. Aoudad sheep were transplanted into the arid highlands of southern New Mexico from their original environment in the Atlas Mountains of northern Africa, where they had been living since the 1940s. What is the home of the Barbary sheep? Ammotragus lervia is a species of Ammotragus that is found only in the highlands of Northern Africa.

What units in New Mexico have Barbary Sheep?

Barbary Sheep Draw Hunts are a type of game in which sheep are drawn from a sack. We offer Barbary Sheep hunts in Units 29, 30, 32, 37, and the McGregor range hunt in Unit 28 in southeastern New Mexico and the surrounding area. Don’t be deceived by their reputation as a poor man’s sheep hunt; they are just as difficult to hunt as any other sheep on the planet.

Why are Barbary Sheep in New Mexico?

By 1950, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish had introduced Barbary sheep into several areas of the state with the hope that this drought-resistant exotic would prove to be a desirable substitute for the state’s endangered native bighorn sheep in areas where the desert bighorn did not inhabit or had been expelled by the desert bighorn.

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Can you hunt Barbary Sheep?

What to Expect During a Barbary Sheep Hunting Adventure. Prepare to walk 2-5 miles every day on loose stones for 2-5 hours. Hunting is generally a spot and stalk sort of activity, with shots often ranging between 150 and 500 yards in range. At rams 27′′-30′′+ in height, you will have a 100 percent chance of getting a shot.

Why are there oryx in New Mexico?

An experimental range at Red Rock, New Mexico, was established after wild oryx were transported from Africa’s Kalahari Desert. Because federal legislation bans the introduction of wild animals from other nations into the wild, progeny from these initial oryx were captured and used to establish the missile range on which they were raised.

Are there bighorn sheep in New Mexico?

Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep were thought to have been extinct in New Mexico by the early 1900s, but thanks to restoration efforts, the population has grown to roughly 1,700 individuals spread throughout 11 herds in northern New Mexico. Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep graze at Penitente Peak, which rises to 12,000 feet above sea level in the Pecos Wilderness.

How do you hunt Aoudad sheep?

In order to hunt aoudad in the state of Texas, you must have a valid, current hunting license issued by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The cost of a type 101 license for residents is $25, and it is available online. There is a type 157 – 5 day special hunting license for non-residents (out of state hunters) that costs $48 and is valid for 5 days only.

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How do you hunt oryx in New Mexico?

These foreign species were imported to New Mexico more than 30 years ago, and they have now become established. The oryx may be found on the White Sands Missile Range — as well as the neighboring regions – in New Mexico. The favored manner of hunting is quite similar to the African way of hunting; the majority of shots will be made while standing from a tripod shooting stick system, as is the case in Africa.

How did IBEX get to New Mexico?

A Rare and Unusual Species New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) acquired 15 Persian ibex from Iran in 1970 and released them in the Florida Mountains near Deming. Soon later, an additional 27 were released, resulting in the establishment of a sustainable population.

What is the cheapest sheep to hunt?

Leaving the Lower 48 for the time being, let’s start with Dall sheep, which are the most plentiful and, thus, the least costly sheep to hunt in the world. The majority of Dall sheep hunts cost between $15,000 and $25,000 per person.

Is aoudad meat good eating?

The flesh of the aoudad is edible. When correctly cooked, it may even be rather delectable. Despite the fact that aoudad are really a goat/antelope subspecies, everyone in Texas refers to them as sheep instead. The majority of competent persons I’ve spoken to regarding aoudad hunting have told me that I won’t be able to consume the flesh.

Are aoudad free range?

FAIR CHASE WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS There are no fences to be found out here. All of our aoudad hunts are conducted in a totally free-range and fair-chase environment. Aoudad herds in their native environment on the crests of some of Southwest Texas’ most scenic mountains will be your quarry.

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