How Can I Get Dual Citizenship In Mexico? (Solution found)

In general, acquiring Mexican nationality can be accomplished by a combination of conditions such as residency, cultural assimilation, and marriage. To obtain further information about the application process, please contact the SRE’s main office. To enter and exit the United States, all nationals of the United States, including dual nationals, must utilize a passport issued by the United States.

  • To obtain a declaration of citizenship, you must fill out the DNN-2 application form, which must be completed before you may apply for dual citizenship. An electronic version of the application is available for download at en.html on the website of the Secretara de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE).

Can a US citizen get dual citizenship in Mexico?

To avoid having to give up your United States citizenship in order to become a citizen, you can apply for dual citizenship with Mexico. Dual citizenship permits a person to be a citizen of two nations at the same time without having to choose between them.

How much does it cost to get dual citizenship in Mexico?

The cost of nationalization is 5,020 pesos, which must be paid in cash at the time of the interview. They will provide you with a form that you will need to pay at the bank. In order to acquire your official papers, please allow 4 to 5 months.

How long does it take to get Mexican dual citizenship?

A citizenship decision will normally be made within 6 months of your application being received – or longer if the authorities need to ask you any questions or if you fail to provide all of the required documentation with your application8.

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How do you get Mexican citizenship?

For citizenship in Mexico, you must already be a permanent resident or have familial links to the country to qualify. In order to be eligible for naturalization in Mexico, you must have lived in the country for a minimum of five continuous years previous to the application deadline, which may include either temporary or permanent residency depending on your position.

Will I lose my Mexican citizenship if I become a U.S. citizen?

Mexican nationality rules were amended on March 20, 1998, and went into force the next day. Mexican nationals who naturalize in the United States or abroad will, in most cases, keep their Mexican nationality going forward. Mexicans who become naturalized citizens of the United States lost their Mexican nationality until March 1998.

How hard is it for a Mexican to get citizenship?

Once you have obtained permanent residency in Mexico, obtaining Mexican citizenship is a rather simple process. While it is possible to become a Mexican citizen by birth abroad to Mexican parents, through marriage, or by having Mexican children, the vast majority of foreigners will qualify for citizenship through naturalization rather than any other means.

How long can you have dual citizenship?

It is rather simple to gain Mexican citizenship once you have obtained permanent status in the country. The majority of foreigners will qualify for citizenship through naturalization, despite the fact that there are other routes to citizenship, including birth abroad to Mexican parents, marriage, and having Mexican children.

Can I live in Mexico as a U.S. citizen?

As an American, you have the option of staying in Mexico for up to six months (or 180 days) at a time with a “visitor’s visa” – this is automatically granted to everyone over the age of 16 who goes to Mexico with a valid US passport. In contrast, if you want to remain for more than six months, the visa application procedure in Mexico is rather straightforward and straightforward.

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How do you get dual nationality?

1 Certain circumstances, such as when a child is born in the United States to parents who are citizens of a foreign nation, result in the automatic acquisition of dual citizenship. Unless the parents are foreign diplomats, the kid is almost always naturalized as a citizen of the United States (in addition to the country-of-residence of their parents).

Can an American buy property in Mexico?

For the sake of preventing foreign invasion, the law allows foreigners to own property in Mexico as long as it is located outside of the so-called ‘Restricted Zones,’ which include any area within 100 kilometers of foreign borders or within 50 kilometers of the sea.

What is the easiest country to get dual citizenship?

Here are the five nations where obtaining dual citizenship is the most straightforward:

  • Argentina. Argentina is the country in which to obtain citizenship the quickest. Paraguay. You may gain dual citizenship in Paraguay in as little as three years, compared to three years in Italy, Ireland, and Dominica. So, you’re thinking of relocating to one of these nations, right?

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