What Did Saunders Say About Mexico? (Best solution)

ARLINGTON, Texas — ARLINGTON, Texas — Before their 168-pound title unification fight on Wednesday, Billy Joe Saunders sought to frighten Canelo Alvarez by repeatedly shouting, “You love the meat! You love the beef!” “Mexican brisket.”

What did Billy Saunders say to Canelo?

Before Saturday’s bout, Billy Joe Saunders stated the following to Saul “Canelo” Alvarez: “You’ve never fought in the ring with a fighter like me before. You’ve never seen anybody with such a big heart before.”

What does Saunders say about Canelo?

“Everything went smoothly during the operation yesterday,” Saunders says in his first remark. “You have some victories and some defeats.” Even though I didn’t think I was out of my depth [against Canelo], I was caught with a decent shot and couldn’t see it, and Ben was there to pull it off.

What did Billy Joe say about Canelo?

According to Alvarez’s most recent perspective, he offered some words of advise for the public. Billy Joe Saunders believes Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez will defeat Caleb Plant, but he also feels that the American will be a difficult opponent for the Mexican. Saunders is Alvarez’s most recent opponent, and he was defeated by him in May, resulting in the loss of his WBO super middleweight championship.

Who is Billy Joes trainer?

Billy Joe Saunders’ retirement from boxing following his fight against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez has been discussed by his trainers Ben Davison and Mark Tibbs. Sketch was used to create this design. Ben Davison claims that Billy Joe Saunders “thought there was reluctance in the corner” in the moments before he was forced to withdraw from his bout against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez on medical grounds.

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What is wrong with Billy Joe Saunders face?

During his defeat against Canelo Alvarez, BILLY JOE SAUNDERS suffered FOUR fractures in the bones around his right eye. In the eighth round of the fight in Texas, the 31-year-old British fighter got hit with a devastating uppercut. Saunders’ eye immediately swelled up and closed as a result of the many fractures in his orbital bone, which was discovered before his camp called time on the fight.

Is Saunders a gypsy?

A Romanichal traveling community, Saunders is related to Tyson Fury – who is also known as the Gypsy King – in that they both hail from the same place. He made history by being the first member of a Romanichal community in the United Kingdom to qualify for an Olympic Games, however he was eliminated in the second round of the 2008 Beijing Games.

What did Billy Joe Saunders say after the Canelo fight?

Billy Joe Saunders provided an update to fans from his home, detailing what he’s been doing to since his last appearance in a ring: ” To be quite honest, I’m spending some quality time with my guys and simply enjoying life. Since I stopped boxing, I haven’t been to the gym. Animals, my children, and simply enjoying life provide me with a sense of balance. I believe that every combatant requires a break.

How much money did Billy Joe Saunders get for the Canelo fight?

It has been discovered that Billy Joe Saunders received $8 million for his defeat against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

What happened to Saunders?

Billy Joe Saunders has finally spoken out in his first interview since losing to Canelo Alvarez last month, marking the end of his long quiet. As a result of a face injury sustained during the seventh session, Saunders was forced to relinquish his unbeaten record and WBO super-middleweight title to the brilliant Mexican.

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Why did Saunders stop the fight?

After the eighth round, the referee called a halt to the fight because Saunders couldn’t open his left eye due to the severity of the punishment he received. Despite the fact that Saunders came up short, he did put up a solid fight against Canelo during the opening seven rounds of the fight. It was his first defeat in 30 professional fights, and it signaled the beginning of his downward spiral.

What happened BJ Saunders?

As a result of his broken orbital bone and retinal injury, Saunders was confined to a stool after his corner was forced to remove him. Also defending his prior statements to Dubois when he “quit” following a defeat against Joe Joyce due to injury, the 32-year-old said that he did not make his “own decision.”

What happened to Saunders vs Canelo?

After losing his WBO super middleweight title to Saul ‘Canelo’Alvarez last weekend, Saunders now has to contend with Alvarez for the title of undisputed champion in the category. During the course of the fight, Canelo unleashed an uppercut to Saunders that fractured his orbital bones, necessitating surgery for the Briton.

Who is BJS trainer?

The controversy surrounding Billy Joe Saunders’ corner withdrawing him from his bout against Canelo Alvarez has erupted again again following a lengthy social media post by trainer Ben Davison.

Who was in Billy Joe’s Corner?

According to his former trainer Ben Davison, Billy Joe Saunders pleaded with his corner to let him to continue fighting after being hit in the face by Canelo Alvarez and having his cheek bone shattered in three places. During the eighth round, Saunders’ corner intervened to call a halt to the bout after the British fighter sustained three fractures to his eye socket and cheek bone.

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